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The M. J. Murdock Metabolomics Laboratory provides high-quality, cost-effective services for metabolomics research at Washington State University, and for academic and industrial collaborators elsewhere.

Besides routine metabolomic analysis services, the laboratory also provides consulting for issues related to experimental design, sample processing, and data analysis (incl. structure elucidation and statistics).  In addition, the laboratory offers various custom services.

For more information, please send an e-mail to


As part of our comprehensive metabolite profiling activities, we have generated reference standard materials (primarily prenyl diphosphates and terpenoids). Small amounts of these standards can be requested (including authentication materials; a shipping and handling fee will be charged). For more information, see below.

Routine Metabolomics Services

•  Assistance with experimental design

•  Advice on sample harvest and storage

•  Extraction protocols

•  Chromatographic separations

•  Mass spectrometric analyses

•  Statistical analyses

Custom Metabolomics Services

•  Development of sample-specific extraction protocols

•  Development of chromatographic separations

•  Targeted metabolite profiling

•  Metabolic fingerprinting

•  Multivariate statistical analyses

•  Structure elucidation

•  Biomarker discovery

Reference Standard Materials

(fees listed for recipients in the continental United States; additional fees may be charged for recipients elsewhere; send inquiries to

The quantity to be shipped is 1.0 milligram (for solids) or 10 microliters (for liquids).